Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of our most frequently asked questions

Does it matter where my business is located?

No. We use telephone and Skype and work with businesses Australia-wide, as well as in New Zealand and the US. Our online meeting services make it possible to work with you and deliver our course content wherever you are.


Do you specialize in any specific industries?

We are not industry specific. We specialise in ‘the business of business’. In other words,
every business is governed by specific principles and we help you apply those in a way that is tailored especially to your business. You know your business best – we know how
business works.


Do you specialise in any particular area of business?

We follow the Full Spectrum model of coaching. A business is a complex organism. Even the smallest business has a wide range of functions and activities (marketing, finance, production, delivery, customer service, management and much more). All of these functions are interdependent and impact on each other, so we work with you on all
of them.


How often do we meet?

That will depend on how soon you want to get where you’re going, your other time and
business commitments. It can either be two, three or four times a month. Meetings are at
set times, for example, 9.30am every Tuesday or 11am on the first and third Wednesdays of the month. This way you can plan your week and be fully prepared before your meeting.


Do I have to pay the whole fee up front?

No. You pay as you go monthly, although, if you prefer, full upfront payments are available with a significant cost benefit.


Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes we do. If at any time within the 1st month you decide this is not for you, or is not working, you can quit and we will refund your coaching fees 100%. We can guarantee our program works. The only thing we can’t guarantee is that you will do the work! And we work very hard at keeping you motivated to make a change in your


Can I do the meetings out of office hours?

This is business development work and will in time become an integral part of the way you manage and drive your business. If you are to work ON your business, not just IN it, we want you to start now. Your coaching meetings are strategic work ON your business and we want you to create the time to do it during business hours.


Can my partner attend the meetings too?

Of course! We expect it. This is a business being created by the two of you and you both
need to be on the same page. If you are creating the business of your dreams, you will
each need to be in agreement on ‘the dream’.


How much work will I be expected to do in between meetings?

That is up to you. The speed at which you want to get where you’re going will be a
determining factor. We know from experience that if you were to put in one hour a day of
strategic work on your business, the difference in eight to 12 months will be profound.


What if I don’t have the time?

If you don’t have the time, then very simply, nothing will change. In our experience, the key time problem for small business owners is not that they are doing too much work, but that they are doing too much of the wrong kind of work. We will work with you from the beginning to help you identify and eliminate or streamline this work so you can free up time to do the work that is more valuable to the business.


Do you offer group coaching?

Yes, we love coaching groups and this method is particularly effective with small and young businesses, as it is cost effective and they create their own support group. It is definitely worth your while to find a group of three or four like minded business owners to form your own group.


What if I don’t have any major goals?

If you have no goals you don’t need coaching. If you would like help in formulating goals,
we have many tools to facilitate that and help you develop your vision for your business
and your life.


What’s the next step?

Easy. Just fill in your details here and we will contact you to talk about your business and
how you want it to work for you and then find a time when we can start. Or you can call
Lesley Ann on 1300 880 651. The initial consultation is free of charge.