To say 12 months of business coaching has changed our business would be an understatement. It has changed our lives.

When we started the coaching, we believed our business was a compassion based business so not governed by the same rules of normal businesses. We very soon found that although we needed systems specific to our business and clinic, the principles were the same.

Before we met Lesley Ann, we were scared to grow because we couldn’t see how to grow without giving up more of our lives to our business. With good systems and guidance our clinic has grown dramatically with around 60% growth in the last two years, is much more profitable and we now spend LESS time at work than ever before. I am home every night to play with my toddler, which is absolutely priceless.

The cost of the coaching may sound a lot, but the increase in profitability of the clinic means it pays for itself several times over every year. In fact, it nearly pays for itself in a month. It is one of the best investments any business could make.

We are now looking at expanding our business to additional locations and will certainly be using Lesley Ann again to guide us through the process and ensure this new venture will be profitable while still not eating into our lives outside of work.

Dr Braden Collins BSc BVMS CMAVA
Veterinary Surgeon

vet clinic

Bunbury, WA 6230
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Since starting our business coaching with Lesley Ann we have managed to take steps in making sure the business is working for us.  The biggest improvement in our business is the implementation of Systems, we knew they were needed, but did not know where to start!!  Lesley Ann has always been a positive sounding board for any hurdles we have come across, giving us tools and asking the right questions to help us come to the right conclusion.

Mark and Jo Richardson
Greens Mandurama



Having had minimal success with previous business coaches, I was initially sceptical in joining forces with Lesley Ann and Next Level Up.  Ten years of business had left me frustrated, tired, burnt-out, and lethargic and looking for the best way to rid myself of these pressures.

Twelve months later, I can confidently say that joining forces with Lesley Ann was the best business decision I have ever made. She has removed every single business pressure I was experiencing and provided me the framework to run my business in its most efficient manner. The ease with which Lesley Ann communicates and outlines an easy to follow step-by-step procedure has re-invigorated me and my staff, and has assisted in re-engaging clients. Best of all, it has provided me a better work/life balance and has resulted in a 28% increase in profitability of the business.

The return on investment is outstanding as Lesley Ann ensures you turn your business around in the fastest possible time. If you commit to the program, dedicate yourself to success and allow Lesley Ann to provide the framework, you will see immediate results. I did and cannot thank Lesley Ann and the team at Next Level Up enough. I just wish I did this 10 years earlier!

Managing Director


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Miranda NSW 2228
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Coaching with Lesley Ann has completely transformed the way I DO business and the way I THINK business.

I did not truly understand the benefits that coaching was going to provide when I started. I just knew that there had to be a better way than what I was doing at the time. Coaching has transformed the way I am as a business women and in turn I have been able to grow my business into the vision that I intended. Thanks to Lesley Ann for giving me the tools to achieve and succeed – I no longer own a job I now own a business. Thank you.

Tracy Collins
The Green Room Salon and Spa


We learned how to turn chaos into control and got rid of the constant stress…
One of the first things Lesley Ann had us do was to look at the work Rob was doing and put a dollar value on everything he did. That was an eye-opener. Rob understood that he was doing jobs that he shouldn’t have been doing. Now we are much more streamlined and he has the right people doing the right things.

We have learnt how to manage our people really well and we do regular reviews. We even do 6-monthly reviews with our subbies and help them with their systems and documentation and they are better subbies for it.

Our advice to anyone thinking about working with Lesley Ann is: You don’t know what you don’t know. And nothing will change until you find out what that is and what you can do about it….and then just do it!

Lisa and Rob Clarke
Cavalier Homes West Coast


This helped me develop a clear picture of what I’m trying to achieve and gave me a way to achieve my goals.

Having the coaching has been a huge benefit as Lesley Ann was able to relate the boot camp concepts directly to my business. It has also kept me focused and motivated knowing that I had a boot-camp session coming up each week.

There’s no chance of the momentum slowing now my whole way of thinking about work has changed and I don’t think I’ll be slipping back into any bad habits because I have a really clear picture of what it is I’m trying to achieve.

I think anyone with a small business would benefit greatly from the boot-camp.

In the eight months after I did the Bootcamp, our revenue increased by 60% and my ‘off the tools’ time went from practically none to around 12 hours a week.

Daniel Grant
Home Climate Plumbing