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There is a way to make your business work for you.  A way to have delighted customers, quality, happy, proactive staff and a relaxed bank manager.  Next Level Up can help you regain control of your time, your money, and your life.  Now you can achieve your life goals through your business not in spite of it.  Our programs offer a practical system based on proven principles.

DSC_0572  Lesley Ann Grimoldby, Business Coach

Lesley Ann Grimoldby has been running her own businesses for 27 years. She began her working life as a primary school teacher in Western Australia and after eight years, took up new challenges in the hospitality and entertainment industries, where she created her own positions in public relations and training.

In the mid 90s, Lesley Ann discovered ‘The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to do about it’ by Michael Gerber – a book which was named one of the top selling business books of the Twentieth Century.

Fascinated by the principles, she became a client of Mr. Gerber’s E-Myth Worldwide and soon after travelled to the United States to train to become a Certified E-Myth Consultant.

Since then she has had the opportunity to work with hundreds of business owners in Australian, New Zealand and the US, helping them create the businesses of their dreams and achieve goals that had at first seemed unattainable as they turned their businesses into entities that gave them the lives they wanted.

Lesley Ann believes that when it comes down to it, it’s not really about your business, it’s about your life and the way to make that happen is through business development.  Her greatest joy is to see clients create businesses that work FOR them instead of BECAUSE of them.

Peter Dalton, Business Coach

For the last 10 years Peter has been working in the SME market, offering business coaching to SMEs in Australia and New Zealand.

Peter’s aim is to give business owners the confidence and competence to make a positive difference to their business, their clients, their employees and themselves.

He adds value by uncovering the core issue and working with what is really going on, rather than what is percieved to be the problem.  He likes nothing better than generating a conversation which uncovers a previously unseen insight, providing access to greater clarity and new possibilities.

Peter trained and was certified as an E-Myth Coach and the foundation of his approach to coaching are the principles outlined in Michael Gerber’s best-selling book ‘The E-Myth’.  Over time he has added many different attributes and capabilities and brings to the coaching partnership an authentic desire to help
others win.

As with all Next Level Up Coaches, his key products are long and short term structured coaching programs based on the proven E-Myth principles of helping business owners create sound and profitable businesses that has the ability to grow and to free the owner from day-to-day technical work of their business.

In the past business life, Peter was an Account Director with a large multinational advertising agency, working with a range of international and local clients.  This has given him enormous insights into best business and marketing practices.