Creating Systems and Figuring Out Which “Hat” to Wear in Your Business


Many business owners have pursued their dreams by quitting their job in hopes of having freedom to spend time with family, have more time to do the things they want, and make lots of money.  The problem is that most business owners don’t achieve these outcomes.  They ultimately end up losing their freedom because they work longer hours, which leaves no time for family or fun.

When you start your own business and start working for yourself, you need to think with a different mind, rather than think with the mind you had while working for someone else.  You can’t run your business with the mindset of a technician or operative.  Your business will need three different mindsets.  You will need to decondition yourself so you can think about the big picture, including what the start of your business does, how to do it, and how to do it well, as well as what it’s going to look like when it’s done.  Deconditioning can happen quickly or take a while, based on what the business owner does to achieve this.  You will see results of this change within three months and once you make this change, you can’t go back to the old way of thinking.

The three mindsets are outlined below and it can be quite tricky to know which mind to use, but it’s very easy and quite quick to train yourself.

Entrepreneur or CEO:  This mindset is responsible for deciding what the business is going to be, who it is going to serve, what it’s going to do, what the products are, how it’s going to stand up to the competition, and what are its goals – the vision of the business.

Managerial Mind:  This mindset thinks about the solutions and works out the strategies to get the work that the CEO wants done to get done – create the instructions for the solution.

Technician or Operative:  This mindset actually does the work.

Now, with these mindsets, you need to work on solutions that will keep your business from failing.  These solutions are systems that need to be in place at all times.  Did you know that every frustration in a business is usually a symptom of a missing system?  These systems are nothing more than a set of instructions and standards by which you want things done.  You can’t just have instructions or you will get only those results.

For example, asking someone to simply answer a phone, can result in nothing more.  If you don’t include the standards to which you want the task completed, you won’t get the results you desire.

In the example above, you need to include in your system the exact steps on how you want the phone to be answered: “Your job is every time the phone rings, answer it within three rings, in a warm friendly and professional manner using our company script.”

Once you have your mindsets differentiated by which one to use when and where, have all systems (solutions) in place, then your business will flourish and you will finally have the life you have dreamed of as a business owner.

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