To Manage is to Communicate

Volunteers working on construction site

When you manage people in a business, your role is not about bossing or supervising.

It’s about helping them be the best they can be.  When you do that, together with great underpinning systems, you will be a great manager and your business will hum.

Managing is really all about communication.  Here are some classic managing mistakes and solutions to address them.

Not listening.
Learn to listen openly. You don’t have to respond every time immediately.

Not ensuring that each person clearly understands their role.
Get agreement over the role and responsibilities.

Not communicating or giving feedback.
Don’t leave any issue hanging. Get back with responses, acknowledgement, praise, thanks or corrections where necessary, as soon as possible, and in appropriate surroundings.

Not giving and sharing the big picture and their part in it.
Tell your staff about the big picture you have for the business so they can understand the part they play in that.

Seeing them only as assets to the business and not people .
Initiate your one on one meetings and get to know them as people. Help develop them to be the best they can be.

Not respecting or valuing them, or their thoughts and contributions.
You employed them because you believed they had something to contribute to your business. Follow through.

Not giving them support in the form of the right resources with which to do their jobs effectively.
Resources include tools, machinery, support from other team members, time, information and systems.

Not praising or acknowledging achievements and work well done.
Watch and listen for positive behaviour and results and acknowledge to them and the team.

Not investing in training, whether that be external programs or internal systems.
Develop, maintain and implement a thorough company induction and training program.

Not being a role model and mentor (this doesn’t mean doing all the work yourself).
Live and breathe your stated company values. Mentor your people through regular one on one meetings.

Not thinking systemically.
See everything as a system waiting to happen. See how systems feed into each other. When something doesn’t work or is not done correctly, look to the system first, not the person.

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