I can do it later… Procrastination

Have you ever pushed an important task to the back burner to accomplish something more pleasurable? Then you, my friend have procrastinated. But why do we do this? Is there a reason? Waiting to the last minute to complete work or important priorities seems so silly.

Procrastination has something to do with how our daily activities and responsibilities may overwhelm us. Here are some tips and advice to try to beat procrastinating.

  1. Are you afraid to start a task that seems difficult? Maybe you are afraid you will fail at it, or ultimately fear not being able to complete it in time, especially if it is something you are unsure of to begin with. Stare the task down and move forward with it.


  1. When something seems too complex, chances are you will want to avoid it at all costs. Take a breath and remember to never judge a book by its cover.


  1. Lack of motivation or laziness. Everyone has their moments and guess what? If we didn’t we wouldn’t be human! Thinking of the consequences for not completing what you need to do on time could help with this. You could even think about how rewarding it will feel once everything is complete to get motivated again.


  1. Starting point. Where do you start? Sometimes the hardest part starting is figuring out where to actually start. If this is an issue, try looking at the end and meeting in the middle.


Is procrastination a habit that is easy to break?

Some habits are very difficult to overcome, but nothing is impossible. Learn how to nip the task in the bud then reward yourself for completing it. Stay focused. Break the project up into a few separate pieces. Having a few quick and easy things to do beats looking at a huge project has a whole.

When you recognize that you are a procrastinator, you will be more in tune to stay focused instead of pushing important things off to begin with.