Boss or Leader?

Management is something many people strive for in their careers. There are many different styles of management, but is being the “boss” sometimes different then leading your team? Every leader can be a boss, but every boss cannot be a leader. Even though the terms have two totally different meanings, it is possible to be in a managerial position and uphold all of the qualities to become great, here are some tips and tricks to help to you:

  1. Listen and learn to do it openly. Listen to your employee’s questions and concerns. While being in a management position means you are one of the head honchos, sometimes YOUR employees see more from being on the inside or working directly with customers then you may.


  1. Respect and value your staff. Get to know each one of your staff members on a first name basis and even a little about them. They are not only assets to your business, they are people too, be personable, it will make your staff happier.


  1. Give feedback. Giving feedback to staff and just flat out communication is a must. It lets people know where their strengths are, and how to fix their weaknesses. A once in a while, “hey team you did awesome this week!” isn’t going to hurt anyone!


  1. Make sure your staff is well trained and everyone understands their responsibilities.


  1. Support! Support your staff and make resources available for support so there is never any confusion.


  1. Be a role model and a mentor. This is the part where the difference between “boss and leader” comes in. You can be there for your staff and help them be the best they can be, while still holding your managerial position. There’s a difference between mentoring and helping rather than just saying “you’re not doing it correctly”.


  1. Establish equal relationships with your team. So very often favorites are chosen, and this very well may lead to stress and tension, which is not good for business.


Don’t let power get to your head and become the bad guy. You do not have to become “best friends” with your staff- but saying thank you from time to time goes a really long way. Many times, employees do not feel appreciated enough in the work place. For example, if you have ever watched the show on CBS, Undercover Boss? Senior executives in companies go undercover in their own companies to see how things are run, what they can be improved and to reward hard-working employees that go unnoticed.

So motivate and help your employees learn now! Don’t be afraid to train, and set goals for your team. Under-promise and over-deliver, and never take credit for your employee’s achievements. Communication is key.