Time Management

Have you ever said out loud or thought, “I wish there were more hours in a day?” If you have—you are NOT alone, but you are missing something.

Everyone gets the same amount of time in a day. It does not change. There are 24 hours, 7 days a week, 12 months a year. What does change and what is different between each person is the attention you give to each task or certain areas of your life during that time.

What do you focus on? What are your main priorities?

In order to develop time management skills, we need to take the steps to make sure we are using our time efficiently.


  1. Set realistic and achievable goals. Starting a business and within a year planning to be a billionaire and grow your business by 100, is not realistic.


  1. Organize everything you need ahead of time so when it comes time to do certain projects and tasks, the material is ready for your use.


  1. Lay everything out on the table. Go through each goal or task, and figure out an estimate as to how long each item may take. Also, go through the list again and figure out your priorities- there’s a difference between urgent and important.


  1. Use your resources. There are SO many awesome resources that can be used to manage your time effectively. Take notes, schedule your day on a calendar or in a planner. You can even use time software to manage the time you are spending on projects.


  1. Steer clear of interruptions. Let’s face it- the world doesn’t revolve around each individual person. So take the little extra few minutes while planning to think of a calm, quiet environment you can work in.


  1. Learn to say NO. Stay on track with your goals by not taking on anything extra that isn’t a real priority.


Everyone is different; everyday jobs and life is also different for everyone. There are many strategies out there and as long as you sit down and take some of this advice and PLAN, you will be able to see exactly which techniques are a best fit for you.

If you want to get the best results possible, then you need to learn how to manage your time effectively. When you learn how to do this you will see that you will be able to complete more work, in less time. In return, you will then be able to reach some of your set goals faster!