Building Your ‘A’ Team – Part Four


Last week, I promised to share with you the most fantastic interview process that is not the stock standard way of conducting new employee interviews.  Believe me, it works brilliantly. It will save you tons of time and will deliver the best results. If you follow the steps exactly, you will be so excited, you will never do it the old way again.

This system may take you out of your comfort zone.  But hey! That’s the way we all grow – by doing something outside our comfort zone.  And, as I promised, do this once and you will want to do it this way every time in the future.

And there is absolutely nothing stopping you continuing to conduct these interviews the traditional way.  For some of you and for some positions, that will always be the way.  I’m not trying to talk you out of that.

The process I want to tell you about is variously known as a recruiting or hiring or employment or staffing seminar – or you could call it an information seminar or session or event, and the short interview is usually referred to as a short or a flash interview.

For the purposes of this topic, I’ll use the terms Information Seminar and Flash Interview – and I do use some of the other names I’ve mentioned – depending on the circumstances – but I don’t want to confuse you so I’ll stick with Information Seminar and Flash Interviews.

So what are they?

An information or recruiting seminar or event is a gathering, hosted by the employer, for prospective employees or applicants to attend to learn more about the position, what it entails, and also about the business.

These can be either OPEN events or by invitation.  An open event might be conducted by a large company where they advertise the seminar and people turn up.  A small business is more likely to conduct an invitation event, which means you choose who you invite.

The information event can also be for a number of positions, not just one.

I had a client who was opening a brand new retail shop in a regional centre.  He advertised all the positions and then conducted a recruiting seminar.  He had about 30 replies to the advertisement, which was a lot for a country centre.  They were all invited to attend to hear what the business was about and what the positions entailed. He had 23 turn up.  So no time was wasted on those no shows.  In just over one and a half hours he knew he had a store manager, and two full time and two part time staff of the calibre he wanted. 

Just imagine the time if he had set up interviews for all 30 applicants individually?!

Have I sparked your interest? Join me next week for Part Five when I will cover the entire process. You don’t want to miss it!

Until then…



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