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Keep Your Small Business Running Smoothly and Making Money


In my last post, I explained the different mindsets a business owner needs and the systems that need to be in place to achieve the most from your business.  Now I will discuss solutions to help those business owners who are frustrated and about to give up on their business, or want to sell it because it’s been more of a headache and heartache, then they expected.

There are three levels to make your business work smoothly.  They are outlined below and discussed more in depth. Continue reading

Building Your ‘A’ Team – Part Six

Building your A Team

In this Building Your ‘A’ Team series, we have been covering customized system and processes for hiring and recruiting. This week, I’m covering the Long Interview.

The Long Interview

First, look back at the Flash Interview and see what that told you about the applicants. Notice how it’s generally all about qualities and attitudes.

Think about the qualities you want: enthusiasm, keenness, willingness to learn, common sense and so on.  Continue reading

Building Your ‘A’ Team – Part Five

team seminar

Last week, I introduced you to a new hiring/recruiting process I will be referring to as the Information Seminar and Flash Interviews. As promised, today I will be going over the process of this system.

So, here’s the process…

Once you have screened or filtered your responses, someone will call them all using the same script, which will go along the lines of: Continue reading

Building Your ‘A’ Team – Part Four


Last week, I promised to share with you the most fantastic interview process that is not the stock standard way of conducting new employee interviews.  Believe me, it works brilliantly. It will save you tons of time and will deliver the best results. If you follow the steps exactly, you will be so excited, you will never do it the old way again.

This system may take you out of your comfort zone.  But hey! That’s the way we all grow – by doing something outside our comfort zone.  And, as I promised, do this once and you will want to do it this way every time in the future. Continue reading

Building Your ‘A’ Team – Part Three


Remember marketing again? When you are marketing to attract your target customer and a sale is made – your business must the deliver on what was promised in the sales process.  Once you employ someone, you need to make good on delivering everything you promised during the recruiting and hiring stages. This is key to building your team.

Step 1: Recruiting

–Getting clear on the position requirements – Organisation Chart and Job Agreement in place
–Getting clear on the type of person: their skills, their experience, their values and attitude
–Developing your message
–Putting your message out there
–Fielding the responses in readiness for the next stage

Continue reading